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Now open for visitor registration – MachineBuilding.Live

05/05/23 00:00

The UK’s only event staged exclusively for machine builders, systems integrators and OEMs keen to automate is now open for visitor registration.

Lenze takes drive performance to the next level with i750 servo inverter

26/05/23 10:00

High-performance drive solutions are crucial for efficient and automated production processes. In order to optimally equip tomorrow’s machines for demanding motion tasks, Lenze is expanding its portfolio with a new servo inverter, the i750.

Modular aluminium industrial workstations provide adaptable solution

25/05/23 09:00

Matara UK, specialist in automation, pneumatics and linear motion products, is also one of the UK’s leading providers of ergonomically designed aluminium industrial workstations and workbenches, modular in nature for maximum flexibility.

Unlocking success for UK manufacturers amid industry challenges

24/05/23 15:30

Omron’s highly anticipated Discover Omron Roadshow will bring together industry experts, thought leaders and manufacturers to exchange invaluable insights and empower participants with strategies to overcome hurdles, reduce costs, optimise efficiency, and drive overall cost-effectiveness in their operations.

How to choose the right terminal block

24/05/23 14:45

As a trusted brand with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing industry-standard terminal blocks, the experts at CamdenBoss offer guidance on how to select the right terminal block for your needs.

New Igus polymer coating tool simplifies selecting coatings

24/05/23 09:00

With the new iglidur Coating Designer, you can have high wear components coated with the in just three steps, and cost and delivery is calculated before you buy.

Copa-Data demonstrates modularisation with MTP

22/05/23 08:30

As product life cycles are becoming shorter and markets more volatile, the time available for innovation is limited. Modularisation as an interdisciplinary concept of industrial production offers an answer to these challenges, and Copa-Data presented practical examples at the Hannover Messe.

Cable carriers offer more functionality on a very small footprint

17/05/23 10:14

The next generation of plastic cable carriers from Kabelschlepp – UNIFLEX Advanced 1250 and QuickTrax/EasyTrax 0250 – have one thing in common: their compact size makes them ideal for applications in printing, automation, the packaging industry and material handling.

Reliably protect DC applications against surge voltages

17/05/23 08:40

As the number of DC applications continues to increase, more and more system operators are also using direct current with 650 to 750 V DC in industrial applications. The new VAL-MB-T2-750DC and VAL-MB-T2-1000DC type 2 surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact provide support here.

Pilz exhibits control and safety technology

16/05/23 16:30

Pilz will be exhibiting in the Drives & Controls Zone at this year’s Manufacturing and Engineering Week from 7-8 June. Click here to secure your free pass.

Lenze helps boost machine availability

16/05/23 15:00

Lenze offers an easy-to-implement, scalable solution to boost machine availability that turns productions more transparent.

Video highlights castors and wheels from Fath Components

16/05/23 13:45

Just released by Aldershot-based Fath Components is a short video describing selected wheels and castors drawn from the company’s extensive range.

Enabling Expert Technologies Group to sell remote access as a service

16/05/23 13:30

Expert Technologies Group’s customers get remote access for free during the project delivery phase thanks to Ixon Cloud. And after project delivery they are selling remote access as a service.

Integrated brushless DC motor offers high power density

16/05/23 11:00

Recently announced by JVL, and available from Mclennan, the new MAC320-L integrated brushless DC motor doubles the power of its NEMA 23 frame Mini-Mac series in a compact, high torque density, all-in-one positioning solution for OEM machine builders.

Advances in automation technology – practical solutions

16/05/23 10:00

Digital transformation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Industry 4.0 are just a few of the reoccurring themes that dominate when discussing advancing technology for industrial automation. As a manufacturer or machine builder, the question is how to translate these themes into effective solutions that could benefit your current automation processes. Korina Parker, marketing manager at Murrelektronik UK, looks at workable solutions for these advances that are easy to integrate and have long-lasting advantages.

Backlash-free, torsionally rigid, all-steel, multi-plate couplings

16/05/23 09:00

jbj Techniques offers a wide range of backlash-free, torsionally rigid, all-steel, multi-plate couplings in torque capacities up to 2,000,000 Nm.

Bosch turns to Igus for robotic cable protection

15/05/23 09:55

Using triflex energy chains from Igus, Bosch protects cables from damage on its robots while still maintaining the freedom of movement.

Plastics specialist brings engineering and sales into virtual reality

15/05/23 09:28

Igus has created a digital parallel universe, the new iguverse, that prepares sales and engineering professionals for how they will work together in the future in the metaverse.

3D LiDAR navigation and collision avoidance

12/05/23 15:00

Sick has unveiled a milestone advance in its three-dimensional LiDAR technology with the launch of the multiScan multi-layered LiDAR sensor. The Sick multiScan combines floor-to-ceiling 360° environment perception with high-resolution navigation for reliable real-time localisation, mapping and collision avoidance in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

Multicolour contrast sensor in a small size

12/05/23 13:00

Leuze says the new KRT 3C contrast sensor can be flexibly integrated into packaging processes thanks to its multicolour capability and small size.

KEB, Lenze and Weidmüller work together for greater energy efficiency

12/05/23 11:00

With a share of 38 per cent, industry is one of the largest energy consumers in Germany, which means there is lots of potential to reduce energy consumption and conserve resources. One possibility is to convert factories from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). Five trainees from KEB Automation, Lenze and Weidmüller have implemented the ‘DC Industry’ concept in a joint project.

Nothing should stop you from catching the automation wave

12/05/23 09:00

Recent International Federation of Robotics (IFR) figures show the rising global demand for robots, partly in response to companies’ challenges with labour and inflation. Many do not know where to start, but Igus’s RBTX platform is the perfect entry point for beginners and designers of small automation projects.

New Axioline Smart Elements for potential routing

10/05/23 14:30

The portfolio of Axioline Smart Elements digital output modules from Phoenix Contact has been extended to include three Smart Elements for potential routing directly at the I/O station.

Pepperl+Fuchs expands IO-Link Portfolio with a UHF RFID reader

10/05/23 11:00

With the IUT-F191-IO-V1, Pepperl+Fuchs is filling a gap in its portfolio and enabling customers to easily access UHF RFID.

Accelerating AMR fleet management and navigation

10/05/23 10:00

Omron announces the release of Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) Core 3.0 software, a next-generation platform for boosting the capabilities of their LD and HD series autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), while simplifying the integration process and improving fleet management.

The electric car giving driving lessons to children under 10

10/05/23 00:00

A real electric car in miniature is giving children as young as four the opportunity to start their driving career early. With lessons from £20, the aim is to set children on course for excellent road safety and driving skills before these young drivers pass their test for real. Young Driver Motor Cars is providing this realistic driving experience using Maxon motors.

The smallest SIL2 / PLd and SIL3 / PLe absolute safety encoders

09/05/23 10:00

Safety encoders from TR Electronic are a completely redundant CAT4 design with two fully independent multi-turn encoders in the size of a single standard size 58mm, 75mm or 115mm body. The choice of either SIL2/PLd or SIL3/PLe means you can select the exact safety performance level for your needs.

Igus highlights ‘enjoyneering’ with new digital services and solutions

09/05/23 09:00

With a focus on ‘enjoyneering’ – the combination of engineering performance and playful simplicity – Igus has launched a number of digital services and solutions. Step into virtual reality, use AI to identify parts, and be with Igus in the digital world.

Every minute counts

09/05/23 08:00

Schaeffler’s linear technology experts have worked closely with Siemens Healthcare to develop a drive system that allows computer tomography machines to be moved from one treatment room to another, which means patients can now be diagnosed more quickly.

Igus launches 190 new digital and physical products

27/04/23 09:00

Igus is launching a selection of digital tools in 2023, as well as products and services which are easy to use and reduce cost. The goal is to provide easy access to the right motion plastics product and have fun on the way, while being carbon-neutral and without plastic waste.

Smart fibre amplifier unit for stable presence and absence detection

25/04/23 15:30

Omron has announced the availability of its newest fibre amplifier unit, the E3X-ZV. This cost-effective solution is optimised to meet the essential requirements of detecting the presence or absence of workpieces in various applications such as parts feeders, roll presses for secondary batteries, and assembly machines for digital products. 

Anti-vibration mount installation kits speed up specification and installation

25/04/23 11:00

WDS Components is now providing anti vibration mounts as a complete kit to enable fast and simple procurement and installation. Acting as a vibration dampener or shock absorber, anti vibration mounts are now available with studs, washers, and bolts, comprising all the components required to enable installation.

Copa-Data presents practical examples of MTP at Hannover Messe

25/04/23 09:00

Copa-Data, which has taken on pioneering role for MTP (Modular Type Package), is also committed to further development. The company presented practical examples of modularisation at the Hannover Messe.

Sick launches 3D camera with certified safety

24/04/23 17:30

Sick has launched the safeVisionary2, which it claims is the world’s first compact 3D time-of-flight camera with safety certification performance level c, in accordance with ISO 13849. The safeVisionary2 promises to use the benefits of three-dimensional environmental perception to improve safety and productivity in many manufacturing and logistics environments.

Changing the game for HMLV manufacturers

24/04/23 16:35

Adnan Khan, business development manager at Beckhoff Automation UK, discusses how manufacturers can leverage technology to manage their supply chain effectively, save on costs, and deliver products to customers on time and in the way they want it.

AI+3D vision platform is a robot integrator’s dream

24/04/23 14:45

At the Machine Vision Conference (MVC), co-located with the brand-new BARA exhibition Automation UK, Scorpion Vision (Stand 21) will show how Mech Mind’s new generation AI+3D robot vision tech can support rapid development of 3D vision for robot picking challenges.

Festo highlights standardised hardware

24/04/23 12:30

Standardised hardware and the ability to work with the industry leading control architectures makes Festo stepper and servo drives, remote I/O and valve terminals a natural choice for machine manufacturers and end-users.

Pepperl+Fuchs promotes ‘Manufacturing-X’ initiative

24/04/23 10:30

As a company that has already helped shape understanding of Industry 4.0 by contributing to the Reference Architecture Model Industry 4.0 (RAMI), Pepperl+Fuchs and its subsidiary Neoception will be attending the Hannover Messe to show what the next stage of Manufacturing-X evolution may look like.

Safe, trouble-free overhead conveying with individual polymer ball bearings

24/04/23 09:30

Offering high load capacity, and assuring smooth operation, xiros plastic ball bearings from Igus make a big difference in a range of applications in overhead conveyor technology.

Connecting robot accessories to any industrial network

24/04/23 09:00

For robot accessories to work efficiently, they frequently need to connect to factory networks. Robot accessories specialist RSP found the easiest way to achieve this was with the ready-made Anybus products from HMS Networks.

Machine feet solve levelling and vibration problems at the same time

20/04/23 09:00

To complement its broad range of anti-vibration dampeners, Cees Fasteners has now also introduced a range of levelling feet, available from stock.

Kawasaki Robotics launches CL Series agile cobots

06/04/23 09:00

With its newly launched CL Series and a variety of payloads and reaches, Kawasaki Robotics provides an entirely new and agile approach to collaborative robotics – powered by the partnership with Neura Robotics.

Igus reveals its secret to keeping manufacturers stocked and ready

03/04/23 09:00

Buyers of common cables, who would typically assemble their own cable sub-assemblies, are now ordering Igus e-chains and ready-to-connect cables due to Igus’ ability to deliver quickly.

Phoenix Contact celebrates its 100th anniversary

02/04/23 09:00

Phoenix Contact is celebrating a century full of passion for technology and innovation. In the past 100 years, the family-run company Phoenix Contact has evolved from a commercial agency for industrial products into a global manufacturing company.

Latest Norgren acquisition sees customers access enhanced electric motion solutions

31/03/23 09:18

Continuing a strategic commitment to offer the widest customer choice, Norgren’s extensive range of electric motion solutions has been further enhanced with the introduction of a new portfolio of linear and multi axis systems.

Robotic lawn mower cuts an accurate path to success with help from Igus

30/03/23 15:00

Labour shortages and carbon emissions of petrol mowers means robotic lawn mowers are on the rise. Kingdom Technologies turned to Igus to help keep its pay-per-use robotic mower maintenance-free.

HMS Networks launches Ewon Talk2M Visualisation

30/03/23 12:00

With Talk2M Visualisation from HMS Networks, machine builders get a fast and cost-efficient path to visualise machine data and get dashboards of historical data combined with notifications and reports. This ready-to-go IoT solution facilitates and improves decision-making processes related to machines.

Cable carriers for office and interior applications

30/03/23 10:30

The PROTUM Office series for office workstations from Kabelschlepp Metool has a modular structure and can be perfectly adapted to the conditions at hand with the flexible modular system.

Dold brings safety solutions to MachineBuilding.Live

30/03/23 09:00

Dold will highlight a number of key products at MachineBuilding.Live, including the STS key transfer system, UH 690 wireless safety system and the RL 9405 energy meter.

Sustainable alternative to traditional steel enclosures

29/03/23 15:00

Fibox will be featuring the ARCA range of wall or pole mounted cabinets at MachineBuilding.Live. ARCA represents a sustainable alternative to traditional steel cabinets.

Setting a new standard for heavy load rotary indexing tables

29/03/23 12:45

Engineering Solutions and Automation will be showcasing the VR.NC range (16-20) of heavy load rotary indexing tables from Fibro at MachineBuilding.Live.

Schaeffler supplies first customers with fully electric wheel hub motors

29/03/23 10:30

Three manufacturers of compact municipal vehicles are gearing up to incorporate high-efficiency electric wheel hub motors made by Schaeffler into their production lines in the coming months.

Festo highlights the benefits of standardised hardware

27/03/23 09:00

Festo says its standardised hardware and the ability to work with the industry leading control architectures makes its stepper and servo drives, remote I/O and valve terminals a natural choice for machine manufacturers and end-users.

Unbox the new Rebel robot with Igus

24/03/23 14:20

The Igus ReBel robot arm could not be easier to use. Designed specifically for it to be suitable for anyone to program, the user friendly Igus robot control is easy to operate and can be up and running in minutes.

Castor wheel range extension optimises integration for OEMs and end users

24/03/23 12:15

WDS Components has extended its range of castor wheels to increase design flexibility for OEMs and to enhance retrofit options for end users.

From F5 to F6: how to switch to the new drive controllers

24/03/23 10:30

The new KEB drive controller generation – COMBIVERT F6 and S6 – opens up new possibilities and potential for users to increase the efficiency of machines and systems. But how is the switch from COMBIVERT F5 to the F6 achieved and what should be considered?

Schaeffler destroys ten tonnes of counterfeit rolling bearings

24/03/23 09:00

Schaeffler takes regular and consistent action against counterfeit products, and now it has had around 30,000 counterfeits with a total weight of ten tonnes destroyed in Schweinfurt.

Omron launches cobot palletising solution

23/03/23 09:00

Omron has launched a new palletising solution for collaborative robots, responding to the need for more flexible production processes whilst reducing programming time. The PLC-based cobot palletising solution is created on Omron’s NX1 series modular machine controller that is equipped with a specialized Palletising Function Block.

Modular linear guides for long distances assembled with ease

22/03/23 09:30

The drylin Endless Gear linear module (EGW) from Igus is a modular, lubricant-free linear guide with rack and pinion drive, which can be extended to any length due to the modular plug-in design, at low cost and very light weight.

New labour saving ‘apple-ication’ for ai-optimised 3D vision

17/03/23 13:00

Scorpion Vision is presenting a new application for its AI-powered 3D vision platform. The new 3D+AI solution will enable fresh produce processors to automate the peeling, coring and chopping of apples without impacting yield for the first time ever.

Low-cost molecular diagnostic tests delivered using Festo technology

17/03/23 10:30

A new near-patient diagnostic testing system which promises to slash the waiting time for results relies on handling gantries and electric axes from Festo for pipetting and dispensing. 

More efficient and sustainable rolling bearing lubrication

17/03/23 09:00

Up to 80 per cent of all premature bearing failures are caused by incorrect lubrication. This is where the Grease App from Schaeffler comes into play by determining the ideal lubricant type, lubricant quantity, grease service life and relubrication intervals required for initial lubrication and relubrication of rolling bearings.

Introducing the new chainflex cable catalogue

14/03/23 09:00

Catalogues are fast becoming more and more digital and with the introduction to the new chainflex catalogue from Igus, this Is no exception.

Virtual Power Plants and their potential to support the energy grids of the future

13/03/23 14:25

Stefan Hufnagl, energy industry specialist at Copa-Data explains why industrial automation software platforms, like zenon, will be vital in supporting the intuitive visualisation and automated control of renewable energy sources, including wind and solar.

Increased efficiency, improved commissioning, machine monitoring and process optimisation

13/03/23 12:45

Leuze says system operators can benefit in multiple ways from integrated connectivity, with benefits ranging from commissioning (device management) to machine monitoring (condition monitoring) to process optimisation.

Innovative planetary gear unit design means faster product development

13/03/23 10:30

Stober has partnered with FVA-Workbench, the leading software solution for the calculation and parameter modelling of gear systems for faster, more efficient planetary gear unit design.

Acquisition of ECO-Adapt strengthens Schaeffler’s portfolio of Lifetime Solutions

13/03/23 09:00

Schaeffler has announced the acquisition of 100 per cent of the shares in ECO-Adapt SAS. ECO-Adapt SAS offers solutions for condition monitoring based on electrical signal analysis and systems for the optimisation of energy consumption.

Omron adds ESD and cleanroom models to i4H SCARA robot series

09/03/23 09:40

New i4H SCARA robots from Omron are optimised for ESD and cleanroom environments for example in digital and automotive industries, such as semiconductor manufacturing.

Mclennan supplies custom motion systems to Irish Lights

09/03/23 09:00

Mclennan’s motion partnership with Irish Lights continues, with the company supplying two more custom motion systems provide energy saving and environmental improvements for Ireland’s historic lighthouses.

If you need linear motion, ask the experts

08/03/23 14:00

Following its recent acquisition of The Ewellix Group, there is now one of the most comprehensive portfolios of linear motion products under the Schaeffler umbrella. This provides machine builders and design engineers with broader opportunity for their linear motion needs, as well as unrivalled expertise in linear technologies.

Fast scanning for detection of faults and defects

08/03/23 12:00

From batteries to burgers, fast scanning is finding new inspection applications, as Paul Wilson, managing director of Scorpion Vision, explains.

Let’s talk data cables

08/03/23 10:30

With cables in high demand, it is hardly surprising that Igus has seen a high rise in data cable requirements. Its chainflex data cables offer superb EMC resistance when used in moving applications, thanks to the special shielding structure.

Automated packaging and palletising of dental plaster

08/03/23 09:00

For the longest time, using robots at production sites affected by dust formation has been problematic and prone to malfunctions. A Kawasaki ZX-Series palletising robot, however, has been in problem-free and continuous use in the packaging of dental plaster for more than three years. 

Measuring long distances with Swiss precision

06/03/23 08:30

There are many applications where large distances need to be measured as quickly as possible and with a high degree of accuracy for positioning, surveying or monitoring tasks. Sensors UK managing director David White looks at how Dimetix laser distance sensors can meet these requirements with precision, robustness, flexibility and speed.

Connectors for automated production

02/03/23 09:30

The new Connexis crimp-based wire-to-board connector series for cable assemblies from Phoenix Contact optimises automated production, ensuring speed and precision in PCB connection.

Creating energy efficiency with a system approach

01/03/23 16:00

What developments can support machine builders in their quest for more energy-efficient drive technology? Bernd Müller, head of industrial equipment in the mechatronics segment at Lenze, gives his views.

Hybrid cables from Igus suitable for Bosch Rexroth and Siemens

01/03/23 14:50

Hybrid technology where energy and data transmission are bundled in one cable, is gaining acceptance with more and more drive manufacturers. Responding to this trend, Igus has expanded its chainflex cable portfolio with two new hybrid cables.

Plug and produce integration for single use bioreactors

01/03/23 12:30

Giuseppe Menin, life sciences and process industry manager at Copa-Data, explains why the zenon MTP studio software platform is essential for helping manufacturers in life sciences integrate modular technologies, like bioreactors.

Cable carrier offers more space for cables and hoses

01/03/23 10:00

The UA1995 cable carrier from Kabelschlepp Metool provides plenty of space for all types of cables and hoses. It has an inner height of 80 mm and inner widths between 85 and 250 mm, with up to 600 mm available on request, while featuring all the popular benefits of the UNIFLEX Advanced all-rounder series.

Transform manufacturing operations and grow your business

28/02/23 10:20

The zenon Software Platform from Copa-Data comes with a range of features that can help equipment run efficiently in machinery and plant building for many manufacturing industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive and others. 

Omron introduces high-performance collaborative robot for heavy payloads

28/02/23 10:00

Omron has announced the launch of its new TM20 cobot with a payload of 20 kg, meeting the needs of tasks such as palletising, machine tending and material handling. The Omron TM20 has a small footprint and a reach of 1.3 m.

KEB helps Merz packaging machine achieve 900 sachets per minute

28/02/23 09:00

When packaging machine specialist Merz needed a servo motion solution for its latest machines, it turned to KEB Automation.

Laser scanner now even more robust and space-saving in installation

27/02/23 11:00

Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has introduced two new model options for its scanCONTROL 30xx range of laser profile sensors (laser scanners) – a rear tail cable option and a protective housing option.

Support heavy loads easily with TX1 and TX2 bearings from Igus

27/02/23 10:00

Construction and agricultural machinery users want to save money and significantly reduce maintenance. Igus says its dry running iglidur TX1 and TX2 plain bearings are suitable for precisely these applications.

LG Motion engineers the perfect printing technique

27/02/23 09:00

LG Motion recently received an enquiry from a student at Southampton University to design a reverse offset printer to complete a PhD developing high-definition printed electronics.

Swarm intelligence towards the future of sustainable automation

24/02/23 10:30

The Beehyve is a Phoenix Contact PLCnext Technology community project. With the help of bees and technical specialists from the fields of OT, AI, IT, Cloud, and Data, a community project is set to get underway and anyone can participate.

WDS Components wins machining products supplier award

23/02/23 09:00

WDS Components, the Yorkshire supplier and manufacturer of standard parts and components, has won the Global Award for Machining Products, Supplier of the Year Award at the Prestige Awards.

OSSD 4 billion code safety switches

22/02/23 09:45

Mechan Controls is always striving to expand its machine guard safety product portfolio, and with the great success of the O-Type safety switches, the company now has a foundation to expand on this range through different contact variations, shapes and sizes to suit all applications.

Robot efficiency – is this a tipping point?

21/02/23 12:45

While the information to implementation gap for robotics can be pretty significant, it is certainly closing fast, as the experts at LG Motion explain.

The art of synchronisation

21/02/23 11:30

The Leipzig water sports centre relies on precise, robust draw-wire displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon for measuring the lifting height of its diving platforms.

Brakes from KEB ensure safety in robots and cobots

21/02/23 09:30

Industrial robots are taking on more and more production tasks. They assemble, transport and ensure greater production efficiencies. With this level of automation, brakes that guarantee precision, speed and safety are critical, as the experts at KEB Automation explain.

Sustainability matters for parts and components supply

16/02/23 10:37

The market of tomorrow will demand environmental and social commitments from parts and components suppliers, and the companies that are already taking sustainability seriously can demonstrate what can be achieved, as Edward Arnott, Sustainability Task Force lead at WDS explains.

New slewing ring bearing from Igus for food contact

15/02/23 13:00

A hygienically designed rotary bearing in the iglidur PRT series from Igus enables cleaning without disassembly for hygiene-intensive industries.

Cabinet-free automation for OEMs

15/02/23 11:30

Stephen Hayes, managing director of automation technology expert Beckhoff UK, explains how the latest technologies can reduce project costs for machine builders and OEMs.

Böllhoff relies on drive technology from KEB Automation

15/02/23 10:00

Based in Bielefeld, Germany, Böllhoff offers its customers system solutions – and realises these with the support of KEB Automation. Drive technology from KEB has proven to be the right choice, particularly in the area of servo technology, not least because the drive controllers lead to cost savings and require noticeably less space in the control cabinet.

Lenze works with SEaB energy to turn waste into power

15/02/23 09:00

Drives, controllers and IIoT connectivity from Lenze are future-proofing an innovative energy from waste solution developed by SEaB Energy.

Linear actuator and guidance solutions

15/02/23 08:18

At MachineBuilding.Live, Acorn Industrial Services is highlighting a range of actuator solutions, rod and rodless, that can be supplied as easy to program complete movement axes solutions. Linear guidance solutions, of varying types, from highly accurate positioning to heavy duty harsh environment applications, will also be featured.

Maxon’s Drive Technology Insight 2023

14/02/23 11:30

After the huge success of its inaugural Drive Technology Insight last year, Maxon is delighted to present its programme for 2023.

This is adaptive manufacturing

14/02/23 09:00

B&R Industrial Automation enables adaptive manufacturing through intelligent track technology integrated with robotics, machine vision, and digital twins, all controlled through the company’s core automation platform.

Understanding how an encoder works

13/02/23 10:15

The experts at British Encoder Products examine the different types of encoders, look at how encoders work, and explore different applications.

Two for the price of one – measuring and switching

08/02/23 10:25

The ODT 3C sensor from Leuze can handle both measuring and switching tasks. The new two-in-one solution is thus suitable for a wide range of automated industrial applications.

The need for speed… and automation

06/02/23 09:00

Bringing parts and components to the right place and at the right time so they can be processed, assembled or equipped can be a logistical nightmare, especially when multiple lines are involved. Minitec has created a conveyor system which has met all the requirements for a European motorcar manufacturer.

Flexible structural adhesive prevents glass shattering at Heathrow Terminal 5

30/01/23 09:00

Glass is one of the most striking features of Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport, but also a potential vulnerability. In the event of a terror attack shattering the glass, a high percentage of injuries in an explosion or bomb blast are caused by flying glass fragments rather than any incendiary device itself. Ensuring that can’t happen is a bonding solution from Advanced Adhesives.

Managed TSN switches for real-time-capable networks

24/01/23 09:10

With the new firmware 3.20, new Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) functions are available for the managed TSN switches from Phoenix Contact.

Applying electric drives for downhole applications

24/01/23 08:00

As downhole drilling has the largest potential for technological innovation, meeting these goals means leaning toward electrification. We talk to Maxon business development manager Mike Beasley about the considerations for electric motors in these applications.

Quick ROI and 60% decrease in maintenance travel with remote access

23/01/23 00:00

Brazilian surface treatment systems manufacturer Erzinger was keen to limit service trips as much as possible to serve customers faster. By implementing IXON Cloud, it can now support its customers remotely, and work in an intuitive and secure way. It can even set up multiple simultaneous connections to work together on the same project. The result is cost reduction, quick ROI and happier customers.

Smart technology prevents expensive downtime

20/01/23 14:30

In this video from Igus, you can get an introduction to the company’s i-sense technology and how effective it is in helping prevent downtime.

Smart agriculture and construction machinery applications

20/01/23 13:30

Jon Bentley, managing director of Mclennan – Tamagawa’s UK distributor for industrial applications – explores smart agriculture and construction machinery applications for Tamagawa Seiki IMUs.

Delivering a tailored solution on time and on budget

20/01/23 12:30

We talk to the experts at IKO Nippon Thompson about how linear rail and carriages can be easily adjusted and modified, and how projects can be re-designed around standard products, to save customers time and money.

iglidur coating put to the test

20/01/23 11:28

In a new video, the iglidur tribo coating is put to the test. This simple but effective test shows just how effective the IC-02 and Ic-05 coating materials are when applied to an aluminium substrate.

How to find a needle in a haystack

19/01/23 11:00

Aldershot based Fath Components has released the latest in a series of entertaining new videos on its YouTube channel, this one entitled ‘How to find a needle in a haystack’.

Tension plug S is a new addition to the MK range

19/01/23 09:00

MK is expanding its range of connecting elements with an additional tension plug designed to form strong and conductive connections between aluminium profiles with no obstructing edges.

Idem Safety Switches presented with the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

18/01/23 09:00

Idem Safety Switches has been presented with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade. Accompanied by the Mayor of Bolton and the Deputy Mayor of Wigan, His Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant for Greater Manchester, Ms Diane Hawkins LL JP LLB presented the Queen’s Award to Medi Mohtasham, founder and managing director of Idem.

Industry leaders embrace new machine building event

17/01/23 12:15

Almost 80 of the top suppliers to the UK’s machine building and systems integration community have already signed up to appear at MachineBuilding.Live on 4 October this year. The event takes place at the famed National Motorcycle Museum, adjacent to the NEC in Birmingham, and is open from 0830 to 1430.

Simultaneous straightening, cutting and deburring of thin tubes

06/01/23 09:00

International machine manufacturer, Ravni Technologies, has specified a complete drive system from Stober for a machine that straightens, cuts and deburrs thin tubes.

Machine vision and imaging web shop opens for business

05/01/23 09:00

Scorpion Vision has launched what it claims is the industry’s biggest online marketplace for machine vision and imaging at

New plug-n-play sorting product is transforming conveyor lines

03/11/22 09:26

Flowsort from FATH is a modular plug-n-play diverter that has been especially designed for swift and smooth integration into existing conveyor systems.

Speed starter with intuitive operation

02/11/22 15:00

The safe, simple, and efficient operation of three-phase asynchronous motors is an important objective in a large number of applications. The Contactron Speed Starter from Phoenix Contact is the new device class that bridges the gap between motor starters and frequency converters with easy operation.

Electromagnetic clutches for marine and hydraulic pump applications

02/11/22 11:45

MMC series electromagnetic clutches from jbj Techniques are designed for use with hydraulic pumps, many of which are used in marine winch drives. Typically flange or plate mounted, they engage and disengage the pump.

Matching precision ball screw performance with tight budgets

02/11/22 09:30

The key to a long operational life of any product is correctly ensuring that the components capability is within the design requirements. When it comes to precision ball screws, the experts at Abssac are adept at transferring great product knowledge to achieve customer goals.

Mclennan publishes new capability brochure and product line card

01/11/22 16:45

Mclennan has released a new capability brochure and a product line card that brings prospective and existing customers up to date with its wide range of electronic and mechanical motion components, and its expertise in precision motion and automation system design and build.

Vapormatt brings service packages into the 4.0 era with data insights

01/11/22 09:52

Recognising that, with an ever-growing number of machines in the field, data becomes increasingly important, surface finishing company Vapormatt has developed a new Industry 4.0 initiative in collaboration with Ixon Cloud.

WDS extends Stock Guarantee across further products

27/10/22 08:37

Standard parts and components stockist and manufacturer, WDS Components, has extended its Stock Guarantee programme to cover a wider range of products.

Narrow protection for 4-conductor measurements

25/10/22 10:54

Two product versions have been added to Phoenix Contact’s portfolio of narrow surge protective devices for MCR technology with an overall width of just 6 mm.

AI-optimised vision reaches ‘last outposts’ of manual food processing

23/10/22 10:00

Breakthrough solutions that overlay 3D machine vision with AI are enabling tasks such as vegetable and fish processing to be performed with unprecedented accuracy and repeatability. Scorpion Visions at the forefront of this movement with its 3D+AI technology.

Surge protection for universal use

20/10/22 14:58

The Flashtrab-MB surge protective device from Phoenix Contact is based on innovative carbon spark gap technology and meets high lightning protection requirements.

High accuracy wavefront measurement systems for optics testing

20/10/22 14:54

Micro-Epsilon has introduced a range of wavefront measurement systems and modules for optics testing. Based on the SHSLab range of Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors from Optocraft, SHSInspect is a range of turnkey wavefront measurement systems, measurement modules and automated software tools.

Omron launches cobot and AMR ROI calculator

05/10/22 11:36

A new ROI Calculator from Omron has been launched to support the process of evaluating an investment in collaborative and mobile robots, including easy and affordable leasing opportunities that are ideal for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

HepcoMotion apprentice raises awareness of disabilities

05/10/22 11:27

First year manufacturing Apprentice Sky-Elouise Hopkins is keen to raise awareness of having a disability and being an apprentice.

Ensuring secure digital access to plant and machinery

05/10/22 11:24

A new addition to the Pilz range of Industrial Access Management solutions, the Control Element PIT oe USB, now makes the use of USB ports possible in a secure way, preventing the possibility of machine tampering.

High-precision strain wave gearing suits handling systems

05/10/22 11:20

Harmonic Drive UK launched its CSG-2A Series Component Set recently. The strain wave gear has been designed for highly dynamic applications, like mechanical handling equipment in production and processing plants, to offer maximum torque density and lifetime precision.

One of the widest ranges of aluminium profiles available

05/10/22 11:19

As key suppliers of aluminium profile and associated products KJN’s range of BR & IR profile ranges are well placed to offer machine builders technical advice backed up by a wide range of solutions.

Packers and processors need to adapt to wonky veg

05/10/22 11:14

Following a recent BBC news report that fruit and veg will be smaller and look different as the summer’s hot and dry weather hits crops, Scorpion Vision is advising processors and packers of fresh produce to consider upgrading to AI-powered vision technology.

The benefits of electric drives in downhole equipment

05/10/22 11:12

The goals of the oil and gas extraction industry have remained the same over the years: maximise production to meet the market’s energy demands while doing so efficiently, cost effectively, and sustainably. maxon has some interesting technology that assists.

Pulling out all the stops with new safety switch

05/10/22 11:10

IDEM’s recently introduced ESL-SS-WR designed for food contact and splash zone environments

Maximise filling machine efficiency with the right pump

05/10/22 11:07

Liquid filling machines are used for the transfer of a variety of bulk liquids for packaging into bottles, pouches or other containers. North Ridge Pumps provides some handy pointers about what works best.

Eddy current sensors replace inductive sensors and switches

05/10/22 11:05

Recent advances in eddy current sensor design, integration, packaging and overall cost reduction have made these sensors an attractive option where high linearity, high speed measurements and high resolution are critical requirements, says Glenn Wedgbrow, business development manager at Micro-Epsilon UK.

Contactless system monitoring for predictive maintenance

05/10/22 11:03

igus is always striving to improve what moves and with its Smart Plastic range. Now it is going one step further, improving what moves before it breaks with predictive maintenance technology.

Grant VPN access to specific devices in your machine

05/10/22 11:00

IXON introduces LAN Device Access Management

New modular flow sorting system is fast, flexible and energy efficient

05/10/22 10:58

FATH Components has announced the arrival of its Flowsort automated diverting units, said to herald a new era of affordable, flexible sorting in conveying, handling and logistics.

Shield connections for the PCB

05/10/22 10:56

Phoenix Contact is extending its portfolio of PCB connection technology for data transmission with the new solderable SH-PCB 6 shield clamp.

A modular answer to weight, space and price dilemmas

05/10/22 10:54

Across diverse industries, Minitec says its Profile Series 30 offers outstanding value and almost unlimited design options. The lightweight, high quality profiles are said to be ideal for space-limited installations and are competitively priced to suit all budgets

Transforming the factory floor to enhance productivity

05/10/22 10:52

Fears that robots will replace human workers are "mostly unfounded"

Shoulder bolts now available with ultra-low head for compact installation

05/10/22 10:51

WDS Components has released an ultra-low head shoulder bolt, designed to conserve space when a compact footprint is required.

Gefeg-Neckar AGV drive systems now available from Mclennan

05/10/22 10:49

Gefeg-Neckar Antriebssysteme, represented in the UK by motion specialist Mclennan, includes a custom designed drive systems capability specifically aimed at integration on Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

cymex® select: The best drive solution within seconds

05/10/22 10:44

cymex® select, the new quick gearbox sizing tool from WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH, went live on January 25, 2022.

Cabling accessories are indispensable for enclosures

05/10/22 10:41

Systems accessories for cabling are key to many enclosure installations, but it is important that that these accessories meet the same requirements as those that apply to building the panel, as Emma Ryde, RITTAL product manager for industrial and outdoor enclosures, explains.

Storage tank manufacturer expands using Kawasaki robots

05/10/22 10:39

Since the integration of its first Kawasaki robot, storage tank manufacturer Haase has not only been able to significantly optimise its production and efficiency, but also to support its sustained growth in many industries and international markets.

Digital transformation of engineering marches on

05/10/22 10:38

New service enables machine users to upload, manage and share projects in the cloud

Camozzi extends UK assembly service to cover additional product

05/10/22 10:36

Camozzi Automation has cut lead times for the newest, technically advanced valve island solutions. It’s doing this by extending UK assembly services to include the Series D, Size 2, multipole configurations.

British Encoder Products reinforces commitment to its users

05/10/22 10:34

Solutions figure strongly in automation systems across many industries

Keeping tight control in control cabinets

05/10/22 10:30

B&R has launched a compact new PLC family for machine builders

A bond that was shaken but definitely not stirred

05/10/22 10:28

When a leading manufacturer of seating for mass transit applications needed a durable joint that was super strong as well as aesthetically pleasing, it turned to Newcastle-based Advanced Adhesives for a solution

Abssac introduces long travel, high speed ball screw

05/10/22 10:25

To meet increasing demand of suitable high speed ball screws, KSS of Japan has developed a 13mm diameter by 30mm lead rolled ball screw, which is available through dedicated sole UK distributor Abssac.

Securing the future of spring manufacturing

05/10/22 09:50

In many Lesjöfors businesses, the company sees apprenticeships as a strategic way to introduce, train and keep the most suitable staff for the future. In the UK, European Springs and Pressings has just on-boarded five new apprentices in an extensive program.

Five ways to reduce energy use in compressed air

04/10/22 21:01

Using its unique experience of compressed air systems as a supplier, manufacturer, auditor and trainer, industrial automation specialist Festo offers five practical measures for reducing compressed air energy consumption in the food production environment.

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